Orange seed oil


Our orange seed oil is a cold-pressed carrier oil with a very nice citrus aroma. It contains anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties, natural zinc and high amounts of Vitamin C and E


Our Orange Seed Oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of the Orange fruit sourced from fruit processing companies that maintain production standards. Orange Seed Oil is an anti-aging powerhouse, with natural zinc and Vitamin C to increase skin’s firmness and protective Vitamin E to shield the skin from environmental stressors. Our Orange seed carrier oil has a beautiful tangy aromatic smell which is ┬ájust as powerful as the Orange essential oil .


Orange Seed Oil is widely used as an emollient and a skin conditioner. It has excellent moisturizing and smoothening qualities,


Improves the lipid barrier and revitalizes matured skin. Orange Seed Oil has the remarkable skin-toning capacity, which helps in

Averting premature sagging as well as increases the firmness of skin to a great extent. Orange Seed Oil is enriched with

antioxidant Vitamin C and micro-nutrient mineral Zinc, both of which are effective in maintaining the natural levels of collagen

in our skin. Traditionally used in face masks & face creams due to its ability to soften the skin & absorb easily and of course,

Deliver a fresh feeling.

Orange Seed Oil is also great for use in hair care products. It penetrates the hair shaft and leaves the hair looking shiny and

healthy. It offers deep moisturizing thanks to its rich source of essential fatty acids, providing hydration without leaving any

trace of greasiness.



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